Richer API documentation with Redoc and Docusaurus

I’ve been focusing a lot on APIs this year, and it's been a lot of fun. With documentation being really important for an audience of developers, I've been using Redoc to document the API itself and building a full site around it with Docusaurus.

Better Pull Requests

I spend a lot of my time on pull requests. I have a few thoughts about what works and what doesn't in the pull request process.

Faster Maven Builds

A while ago, me and a couple of colleagues set about trying to make the CI build faster for a large Maven project. Along the way, it's turned into an unhealthy obsession for all of us. But why did we get so worked up about how much time the build takes anyway?

Designing responsive components in a UI library

I've been working on a standard CSS framework and UI library at work for the past little while, and it's thrown up some tricky challenges. One of the more interesting ones has been that of how to design components to be responsive without knowing which context(s) they'll be used in.

Elegant Async Code at MK.js

Last night I gave a brief talk at MK.js about writing elegant async code with ES2015 Promises. I'm pretty happy with how I did --- it was my first try at public speaking --- and the audience seemed to like the content.