Elegant Async Code at MK.js

Last night I gave a brief talk at MK.js about writing elegant async code with ES2015 Promises.

It's a topic that's held my attention since digging into ES2015[1] late last year. I did a lunch and learn at work on many of the new features, and found Promises both the most interesting (for me and the audience) and the trickiest to cover in a couple of slides, so it seemed to merit its own talk.

I've put my slides up on Speakerdeck, such as they are, and you might want to check out the example code project on GitHub as well.

As for the talk itself, I'm pretty happy with how I did --- it was my first try at public speaking --- and the audience seemed to like the content. I should say as well that MK.js is a brilliant little event and James does a great job organising and hosting it in his own time with little funding.

If you're near Milton Keynes on the last Tuesday of a month, join us.

  1. It's really hard not to call it ES6 all the time. ↩︎