I’m David Goss, a 30-year-old British software developer living in Milton Keynes. Currently I work for a consulting company specialising in end-to-end financial services software. Read my full CV.

Although like most people who work on the web I’m something of a generalist, at heart I’m a front-end developer — HTML, CSS and JavaScript are what I do. I also take a more-than-casual interest in responsive design, front-end performance and code quality.

I use this personal site to blog (not often enough) about web development and to link to interesting posts from other, smarter people. Other than here, you can find me in all the obvious places — having opinions on Twitter, sharing code on GitHub, and answering questions on StackOverflow.


I design and code this site myself. I tend to start with pen and paper and then move straight to designing in the browser. The text is set in Overpass, which is free and open source.

These days, I’m using a 13” MacBook Air. I use WebStorm as my editor/IDE when working on this and most other projects, although I tend to use Sublime Text for writing posts (in Markdown, of course). Chrome is my development browser.

I use Sass (the SCSS flavour) to write my CSS from scratch; the only CSS “framework” I use is my modern reset. The syntax highlighting in code examples is done with Lea Verou’s Prism.

The site is built using Jekyll and served via GitHub Pages. The source is available on GitHub and licensed under the MIT license.