The new state of web rendering engines

In just the past day, the world of web rendering engines has changed quite dramatically, with the announcements of both Servo and Blink.

Here's the new look across the four major platforms — far from a "WebKit monoculture", I'd say.

Platform Chrome Safari Firefox Opera IE Browser
Windows Blink NA Gecko* Blink Trident NA
Mac Blink WebKit Gecko* NA NA NA
iOS WebKit*** WebKit NA WebKit*** NA NA
Android Blink NA Gecko* Blink NA WebKit**

* May move to Servo
** May move to Servo on Samsung devices
*** Will move to Blink if and when Apple allows 3rd party engines

A few notes:

  • Opera's recent move away from Presto was not to WebKit, but to Chromium, so they're moving to Blink as well (confirmed by Bruce Lawson).
  • With Chrome and Opera moving to Blink and Safari being retired, there soon won't be a WebKit browser on Windows (pointed out by David Storey).
  • Blink will not use vendor prefixes, except existing -webkit- ones that will be phased out as their features mature. This is great news.